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  Having used Funding Suite for years we were acquired two years ago by Bank of England which made the corporate decision to switch to a different credit provider. The argument was that the credit reports were a bit cheaper. The reality was they were not any less expensive and we ended up losing even more on the back end due to hard to read credit reports, slow service response times and inexperience with rescoring. I successfully led the charge to get Bank of England switched back to Funding Suite and the result has been a lot more loans because of Funding Suite's software tools.

Blake Peterson
ENG Lending

I've been with Funding Suite for more than four years and I have to let you know how much I like the new tools! I am amazed that you guys were able to pull off UC Scan and the connection to Fannie Mae, it's been a great help. And now I don't even need to fill out any paperwork when ordering my CD Resolve re-scoring orders. Sweet! Funding Suite really understands the needs of my business. Your company hires brilliant minds, it must have taken a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to create this great technology to help brokers like me. It is my pleasure to give you my business to support the further development of the amazing platform. Funding Suite has changed the way we do business!

David Albright
First USA Funding

I really enjoy working with a company like Cogent Road, being able to make suggestions to a company that we work with and actually see changes and updates being made is an amazing thing. It really lets me know the commitment that you have to your customers and that means a lot on our end. I am extremely happy that we made the switch to Funding Suite and I really enjoy working with your entire company.

Bryan Calabrese
Intercontinental Capital Group

Funding Suite's AVAIL program helps us find a way to cultivate business in a contracting market. We can further strengthen our relationships with potential borrowers by creating better credit health without significant additional effort by our lending agents. The AVAIL prequalifying system gives our would-be borrowers personalized credit education, debt reduction strategies and step-by-step guidance for improving their credit health without any intervention on our side.

Patrick Cordes
Activus Home Loans

It's rare in our business to work with a company with software as up to speed technically as Funding Suite. From the moment we switched over we have been extremely pleased with the software and support - from the video based tutorials, the Intelligent Credit Report and even the integrated live chat for customer service, its been terrific . Other firms hadn't met our expectations, but with Cogent Road's Funding Suite, everything has been right on money.

Mike Erickson
American Home Mortgage

Your rescoring service was amazingly fast and I am now a hero to my client! We recently switched to FundingSuite from one of your competitors and I get more and more confident in that change with every interaction I have with your company.

Eric Van Wie

Cogent Road executive tapped by Broker Magazine for insights on emerging Credit Proofreading market.
"Credit restoration or credit repair operations use methods such as authorized users on credit cards and sending in letters to the repositories challenging legitimate items in the consumer's credit file. While these methods provide a temporary boost in the credit score, they leave lenders with an incomplete and inaccurate profile of the consumer. There are more legitimate means for mortgage brokers to help their customers improve their credit scores. These providers call their service credit optimization."

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Written by Brad Finkelstein, Editor
Broker Magazine
November 2007

A Funding Suite® Case Study

Many of the borrowers we do improvements for go from being unable to qualify for a loan to qualified. These borrowers were previously unable to acquire a loan with our investors but once they go through the credit proofreading and rescoring process using Funding Suite's tools, we are able to find a product for them. We've used Funding Suite to run hundreds of custom rescoring plans and have been able to improve most of those borrowers' credit scores an average of 50 to 70 points.

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Kevin Glackin
New Beginnings, a division of Village Capital and Investments

A Funding Suite® Case Study

This latest version of Funding Suite is exactly what the industry needs at this time. I'm most impressed with the software's ability to actually scan a credit file and uncover issues that may be holding back my applicant's credit scores. I understand now that you call this "credit proofreading". By using Funding Suite credit reports and the credit proofreading strategy, I've been able to accurately communicate the science behind rescoring to my loan sources - and close these loans more frequently.

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Alan Vogan
First Lending Solutions

I've been a Funding Suite client for over 5 years. Over that time my business has more than tripled and much of that success is a result of the rescoring I've been able to close at least 10% more loans every month. This has been a great source of additional business that doesn't cost anything.

Tom Langley
Primetime Mortgage, Inc.

There is a growing need for borrowers' tax documents now that stated income loans have disappeared. Funding Suite offers us a quick, automated method for accessing these documents directly from the IRS that is unique to the mortgage industry.

Jennifer Blacker
Homeworx Mortgage

I switched to Funding Suite because I believed it could improve my business. And Funding Suite delivered. Not only can I clearly advise my clients about better credit use and file errors, I can legitimately qualify them more often.

Oryana Leffew
Eastwood Homes

I think all software companies could learn from you guys. Not only is your software amazing, but your support department helps me better apply the technology to my actual business. I've been very, very pleased - thank you again and again.

Jane Kobetich
Great Lakes Mortgage Services

I was surprised how much additional business we received the very first month we integrated a credit proofreading and rescoring process into our qualification systems. Using Funding Suite's Rescoring Plan Generator and X-Ray software added four additional loans the very first month - and we expect to do even better because client's are already asking about it.

John Neihart
Home Team Financial, LLC.

I've been in the mortgage business for years, and I've tried many different credit reporting companies. I have never seen anything like Funding Suite software and have never been this satisfied with the level of service I've received. In a difficult market, I can definitely say that Funding Suite gives my business an edge.

David Fowler
First Capital Mortgage.

Funding Suite had flat out, the best technology we reviewed. They have the edge not only in tools like X-Ray that help us close leads, but the functionality they have for me track billing and recoup costs were non-existant in the other systems. Funding Suite's service commitment and technical edge were the primary factors in our decision to switch to Funding Suite.

Craig Ackerman

I recently joined Priority Financial Services which utilizes Funding Suite as its credit provider. I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to your customer support team and the knowledge and professionalism each extends in helping me with Funding Suite's system and reporting process. Funding Suite went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure my client's credit report was updated in a timely manner. Because of your help, I am hopeful we will get to settlement on time and without incident. As a manager, I realize that since most people can't take the time to write a company regarding positive experiences,I needed to make sure you were informed.

Carrie Sperling
Priority Financial Services

We have always been pleased with Funding Suite and your latest version is the best yet. I've got to tell you that the new credit proofreading and rescoring tools have made the difference in getting the loan bought or not! And, when I call in, your support is consistently top notch and I always seem to learn something new. Thanks.

Dominic Lusk
First Trust Financial, LLC.

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